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The power of the (right) crowd

Discover how you can get to powerful insights by collaborating with the right people for the right task at the right time.

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Green finance: not just a trend

How financial institutions are harnessing the power of finance to promote sustainable practices in Hong Kong and around the globe.

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Gen Z in Latin America

Exploring the characteristics and brand expectations of LatAm’s upcoming generation.

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Gen Z

Is your brand ready for Gen Z?

Is your brand ready for Gen Z? In order to succeed with the Zoomers, you need to understand them. Find out our key insights here.

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The 3P’s of online communities

People, perspectives and partnerships – the 3Ps of online communities. Learn more about the power of online communities here.

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What matters 2023

Trends in health and wellbeing

How health and wellness brands need to understand new ways to serve, support and speak to the new seniors.

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what matters 2023

4 Trends in food and beverage

How people are seeking to create more meaning in their lives, and the role of brands in food and beverage in facilitating this transition

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3 Trends in beauty & luxury 

Why a high price tag is no longer enough to secure your position of a luxury brand in beauty . 3 Trends for 2023 in beauty and luxury.

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Strategy & Activation

Great insight, now what?!

Now you’ve got the insights, learn what to do next with the steps laid out in this blog post. Bring them to life today.

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3 Trends in finance

From our 2023 Trend Report, What Matters, we bring you 3 key consumer trends from the Finance industry.

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3 Trends in beauty

Based on the research from our 2023 Trend Report, What Matters, we bring you 3 key consumer trends in the beauty industry.

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Generation Sustainability

Generation sustainability. Australia’s Gen Z want more from brands – find out how you can support their mission now.


Is market research a good career?

Considering a career in market research? We’ve got you covered. Discover 5 reasons why a career in market research is a good idea.




Trend Report 2023

Discover what trends are shaping consumers in 2023, and their expectation towards brands.
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