Igniting organisational decision-making using consumer voices

One of the world’s largest auto manufactures sought to bring the consumer voice into all aspects of the organisation’s decision-making process, using two long-term communities.

A person in a car driving
A person in a car driving

How it started

Auto manufacturing is a highly competitive industry where competitors are reimagining mobility and adapting rapidly to evolving consumer preferences. To compete effectively, one of the world’s largest auto makers wanted to improve how the consumer voice is being used in the organisation’s decision-making progress.


How we inspired change

Utilising two distinct long-term communities focusing on different target groups allowed the auto manufacturer to gather different voices in a variety of ways. One community focused on market representatives, while the other centered on luxury drivers. Each community had its own unique look-and-feel as well as tailored engagement models that addressed the wants and needs of the participant.

To meet diverse needs, a variety of activities were used: flash polls for quick reads, comprehensive surveys for deep quantitative dives, online focus groups, and in-depth interviews. During each activity, community members understand that they have a seat at the table, and their thoughts and opinions will be incorporated into decisions being made by the organisation. Ultimately their voice as consumers will help to drive the industry forward.


How it lives on

More than 20 teams within the organisation utilize the communities, from product development to features development to human machine interface—all incorporating the consumer’s voice directly into their work. These also provide access to general consumer sentiment around topics like the economy, politics, and other general topics of interest to keep a pulse on broader topics and trends to keep the auto manufacturer attune to emerging needs.

Previously, many of the auto manufacturer’s functional areas had only a few key consumer touchpoints. With the two communities, the consumer’s voice infused throughout, ensuring the organisation never strays far from their consumers’ wants and needs.

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