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Human8, the human-driven consultancy that connects brands with people and culture to drive positive change, mixes the success ingredients from 10 industry game-changers who have joined forces over the last 5 years.


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Trends as a catalyst for innovation

08.03.2023 – ResearchWorld.com

Trend-driven innovation is a powerful tool in your arsenal, but to find your way in this maze of consumer trends and inspiration, you need to play a game of PAC-man. Prioritise, apply, create. Time to level up before it’s game over!


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What matters to Aussies in 2023?

28.02.2023 – Consultancy.com.au

Brands would be sensible to anticipate that the Australian zeitgeist will remain fixed in 2023 on social health and interconnected wellbeing, as a result of the pandemic. But new global consumer research from Human8 suggests otherwise.


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Human8 reshuffles management structure

21.02.2023 – Research-live.com

Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) has reshuffled its executive team to include regional managing directors Camille Nicita, Magali Geens and Maz Amirahmadi. The redefined structure gives regions more support and influence across the business.


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Integrating physical and digital worlds in China

02.02.2023 – Business-Reporter.co.uk

Brands need to avoid the mindset of the metaverse as a destination, instead seeing it as a function that should seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. Crucially, it should give consumers something they need and want.


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New global study reveals 12 ‘trends’ to guide brand action

25.01.2023 – InsightsAssociation.org

New consumer research from Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) identifies 4 Meaning Drivers and 12 trends that represent what matters to people for creating a more meaningful future.


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How research can build human-centric businesses

12.01.2023 – Research-live.com

Data is at the heart of corporate life, of what we do at work. But what about, to use Professor Brene Brown’s famous phrase, ‘data with a soul’? What about the human dimension? Shouldn’t people and their stories be at the heart of the matter?


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Want to change the world? Start by changing your words

19.12.2022 – FastCompany.com

Worlds wield power; they can significantly shape people, culture and behaviour. Our words shape what’s possible, so if business leaders are going to create real change, they must learn to speak a different language.


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Is it time for your brand to return to its roots?

09.11.2022 – Musebycl.io

Every brand’s approach to rediscovering its roots will be – and should be – a wholly unique process, but there are several questions every brand needs to ask itself when undertaking a journey back to its core essence.


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