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Human8 appoints next generation of APAC leaders


Underscoring our commitment to excellence and position us for continued growth in the region, we’ve appointed Mark Alvarez as the new Head of Operations APAC and Daniel Teixeira as Senior Business Director Southeast Asia.


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Human8 launches Generative AI-driven Innovation offer


Designed to amplify human expertise, the new offering integrates artificial intelligence throughout the innovation process, from identifying opportunity spaces to optimizing concepts, setting a new standard for innovation and market research.


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U.S. research reveals how consumers are embracing life


Human8 releases fresh research which shows evidence of consumer resilience and adaptive behaviors amid economic and political turbulence in the United States – and gives a glimpse on consumers plans for purchasing and saving in the next 6-12 months.


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Human8 installs European regional leaders


One year since our global rebrand, MRS Fellow, Paul Child, has been announced as Head of UK, whilst Timo Vandemaele and Anita Janssen become Head of Western Europe and Head of DACH respectively.


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Human8 promotes Chris Robson to global role


Human8, the human-driven consultancy, announced the appointment of Chris Robson to Senior Director, Global Data Science. Previously he held the position of Senior Director, Data Science, North America.


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Human8 appoints Amy Perifanos to global CPO


Human8, the human-driven consultancy, just announced the appointment of Amy Perifanos, previously VP of Commercial Solutions North America, to global Chief Portfolio Officer (CPO).  Steering the growth and optimisation of our portfolio.


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Space Doctors appoints the next generation of leaders


After 22 years, Fiona McNae, co-founder and Managing Director of Space Doctors, is set to leave the company at the end of 2023. She will be succeeded by Gareth Lewis & Cato Hunt, both already playing pivotal roles in the business.


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Study reveals how brands can create a regenerative future


The 2024 edition of our What Matters report has arrived. The report takes a clear stance for change driven by a call for urgency, as new research reports 8 out 10 people worldwide are worried about the future and feel brands need to take responsibility.


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FNB wins Best Digital Bank, according to SITEisfaction®


Launched in 2012, the Human8 SITEisfaction® report is our annual measure of customer satisfaction in digital banking services across South Africa. Discover the Best Digital Banks of 2023 and more results from the twelfth annual survey.


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Human8 appoints new US Managing Director


We embark on a new chapter under new US regional leadership as Katherine Ephlin takes on the new role of Managing Director, North America – a role handed over by Camille Nicita who was recently appointed to Global CEO of Human8.


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Human8 appoints Camille Nicita as new global CEO


A new chapter begins. We’re excited to announce that Camille Nicita, former Managing Director North America, is appointed as new global CEO, taking over the responsibility from co-founder Kristof De Wulf.


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ESOMAR Global Research Award win with Mars Food


The annual ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards celebrate impactful projects of the insights community that made a huge impact on the end-users. We’re proud to win Bronze for our work on the Ben’s Original rebranding with Mars Food.


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Human8 enables collaboration with generative AI


Announcing the launch of our employee AI prompt school supported by the introduction of a proprietary Square AI research assistant. We’re embracing the AI revolution to ‘supercharge’ humans.


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Human8 appoints 11 new partners


Human8, the new human-driven consultancy, today announced 11 new partner appointments. All new partners will step in as shareholders on a global group level and will become more closely involved in global strategic choicemaking as a result.


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4 elements you need to stand the test of time

16.06.2023 – Entrepreneur.com

While there is no single approach to building a brand, it’s essential to build a human-centric strategy that ensures employees and customers equally relate to its essence. Camille Nicita, Managing Partner for North America shares her expertise.


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Brands need to stay the path with sustainability

15.06.2023 – Bandt.com

Australian consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and believe companies and brands are responsible for making a difference. With just 60 per cent of companies having a sustainability strategy, how can brands up their game?


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Human8 secures strategic partnership with SevenSeas


Human8, the new human-driven consultancy, today announced an official partnership with Japan-based SevenSeas Marketing Research, the local reference for customer-centric intelligence, to successfully bring communities to its clients in Japan.


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Rethinking Human-Centred Design

23.05.2023 – Commarts.com

Michael Thomas, senior vice president at global creative and cultural consultancy Space Doctors, part of Human8, discusses how his background in anthropology helps him create branding that responds to culture.


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Brands are finding new meaning in the existential

27.04.2023 – Adweek.com

Lily Charnock, Director at Space Doctors, discusses brands engaging with  more ‘spiritual’ ideas as a result of consumer obsession with concepts further away from material reality, in a time of existential crisis.


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What can fast fashion learn about sustainability?

25.04.2023 – Forbes.com

Fast fashion can learn from fast food when it comes to the sustainable revolution. Roberta Graham, Associate Director at Space Doctors, shares her thoughts on how the fast fashion industry needs to be held accountable.


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Human8 lands in Dubai, expanding into MENA region


Human8, the new human-driven consultancy, today announced the expansion of its services to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) market. Senior Business Director, Kurt Thompson will lead the Human8 MENA activities from Dubai, UAE.


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A brand’s role in human-centric communities

06.04.2023 – Forbes.com

This year, “community” has emerged as a buzzword socially and professionally. Camille Nicita, Managing Director of Human8 North America, shares her thoughts on how brands can foster and build people-driven communities.


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Understanding consumer trends for brands

27.03.2023 – Omny Studio

Today’s people are searching for meaning. Human8’s recent findings identified key trends in Asia Pacific. So what can Asian brands do to apply these trends? Hear from Maz Amirahmadi, Managing Director of Human8 APAC.


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From next-generation insight to human-driven consulting


Human8, the human-driven consultancy that connects brands with people and culture to drive positive change, mixes the success ingredients from 10 industry game-changers who have joined forces over the last 5 years.


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Trends as a catalyst for innovation

08.03.2023 – ResearchWorld.com

Trend-driven innovation is a powerful tool in your arsenal, but to find your way in this maze of consumer trends and inspiration, you need to play a game of PAC-man. Prioritise, apply, create. Time to level up before it’s game over!


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What matters to Aussies in 2023?

28.02.2023 – Consultancy.com.au

Brands would be sensible to anticipate that the Australian zeitgeist will remain fixed in 2023 on social health and interconnected wellbeing, as a result of the pandemic. But new global consumer research from Human8 suggests otherwise.


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Human8 reshuffles management structure

21.02.2023 – Research-live.com

Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) has reshuffled its executive team to include regional managing directors Camille Nicita, Magali Geens and Maz Amirahmadi. The redefined structure gives regions more support and influence across the business.


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Integrating physical and digital worlds in China

02.02.2023 – Business-Reporter.co.uk

Brands need to avoid the mindset of the metaverse as a destination, instead seeing it as a function that should seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. Crucially, it should give consumers something they need and want.


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New global study reveals 12 ‘trends’ to guide brand action

25.01.2023 – InsightsAssociation.org

New consumer research from Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) identifies 4 Meaning Drivers and 12 trends that represent what matters to people for creating a more meaningful future.


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How research can build human-centric businesses

12.01.2023 – Research-live.com

Data is at the heart of corporate life, of what we do at work. But what about, to use Professor Brene Brown’s famous phrase, ‘data with a soul’? What about the human dimension? Shouldn’t people and their stories be at the heart of the matter?


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Want to change the world? Start by changing your words

19.12.2022 – FastCompany.com

Worlds wield power; they can significantly shape people, culture and behaviour. Our words shape what’s possible, so if business leaders are going to create real change, they must learn to speak a different language.


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Is it time for your brand to return to its roots?

09.11.2022 – Musebycl.io

Every brand’s approach to rediscovering its roots will be – and should be – a wholly unique process, but there are several questions every brand needs to ask itself when undertaking a journey back to its core essence.


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Human8 partners with Provokers in Latin America


Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) has entered an official partnership with Provokers, a strategic insight and consulting agency active across 7 Latin American markets. This partnership supports Provokers to successfully bring communities to its clients.


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