About us

We’re a global consultancy connecting brands with people and culture to drive positive change.

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Our vision

We’re Human8, the global consultancy connecting brands with people and culture to drive positive change. Human8 uncovers what matters to people and how brands can act upon it.

At Human8, we unite a creative, smart and ambitious group of +900 people across 24 locations under one vision: making brands more human by better understanding people and culture, empowering brands to take action, and enhancing the lives of the people they serve.


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Our people

Meet the team

One of the things that’s always been really great at Human8 is the career path. I started as a Junior Researcher, and I worked my way up through the ranks, and this has given me the opportunity to coach people, lead accounts, be a team lead, input into company strategy.

Kev Lacey, Head of Delivery Development
Kev Lacey
Head of Delivery Development

What I truly love about Human8 is how inclusive the company is. They are very people-centered so you’re coming into a family of people that truly just care about each other.

Puleng Thutlwa, research consultant
Puleng Thutlwa
Research Consultant

As every team within the business, we are a company in the company. We have the liberty to decide which clients we work for, which subsectors we go after, decide on the strategy, how we meet our objectives and also how we design and deliver projects.

Vincent Konings, Research Director
Vincent Konings
Research Director

Our values

We are caring

We lead with kindness and empathy in everything we do. We put people first, creating space for all voices to be heard, and value diversity because we know that our differences are our strengths.

We are curious

We are driven by a sense of wonder, and constantly seek to learn, understand, and explore new pathways forward. We embrace new approaches new ways of thinking, all with the goal of bringing positive impact to the work we touch.

We are critical thinkers

We question and reframe any challenge through thoughtful analysis and reflection to get a deep understanding of people, culture, and context. We connect data and ideas with real-world experience to ensure our work has a real, positive impact.

We are courageous

We take bold steps to ‘do what matters’ and inspire positive change, empowering ourselves and our clients to do things differently, even if that means taking risks. We are not afraid to take stand or speak up. We bravely lean into our vulnerability, humanizing our journey to help bring others along with us.


There’s no planet B. We’re committed to driving positive change for people and planet and this starts with us. So while it’s our ambition to help brands create regenerative futures, we’re also on that journey ourselves.


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