It all starts with them.

People make the world go round, and this especially holds true here at Human8. With their different backgrounds, ways of thinking and fields of expertise, our people are key to helping you do what matters.


Two people laughing and embracing.

Different sounds, one symphony

What unites us, is that we are all different.

From Casters, Technologists, Insights Consultants, Data Scientists, Cultural Experts, Futurists, Creatives to Strategists: our people are what makes us special – and we’re proud of them.

A quote from Laura
A quote from Ben
A quote from Ivan
A quote from Macky, a data scientist at Human8 reading 'Our suit of advanced analytics capabilities anchored in the most modern state of science and practice help our clients mitigate risk and advance growth'
A quote from Theresa, a Caster at Human8, reading 'As a sampling expert, I pride myself on ensuring we find the most engaged and motivated people to participate in our research, knowing that without them, the research we are looking to conduct would not be possible'
A quote from Paula, an insight consultant at Human8, reading 'It's my job to balance what brands want to know from people with what people want brands to know. I find the questions and answers that brands didn't even know they should be asking'

The people behind Human8

Global agency, boutique mindset

From Singapore to Düsseldorf, Johannesburg to Detroit, we’re a bunch of enthusiastic and energised individuals, fuelled by a mission to change the status quo and make an impact for people and the planet.
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