Human8 appoints 11 new partners

We’re proud to announce 11 new partner appointments. All new partners will step in as shareholders on a global group level and will become more closely involved in a global strategic choicemaking as a result.

New partners
New partners


With these appointments, we can now leverage upon the leadership skills of 36 partners across the globe. Following an intense partner selection program over the past two months, supported by an external leadership assessment, we appointed a diverse mix of new partners.

The new partners are Amy Perifanos (US), Bob Yazbeck (US), Daniel Teixeira (APAC), Delphine Vantomme (EMEA), Ian Brown (EMEA), Lisa McFarland (US), Mark Alvarez (APAC), Paul Child (EMEA), Stijn Poffé (EMEA), Thomas Troch (US) and Timo Vandemaele (EMEA).

“Our people are truly the foundation of our company, so it’s key we continue to grow and develop our leaders today and for the future. We take that even a step further with the partnership model we already embraced in the early days of founding our business. Partnership implies rewarding those that have had a significant impact on our people, clients and our business, allowing them to grow from business leaders to business owners.” says Kristof De Wulf, CEO Human8.

At the same time, we also announce the departure of some legacy partners, such as Henk Pretorius (SA, former co-founder and CEO Columinate), Quentin Ashby (UK, former co-founder and CEO Join the Dots) and Erica van Lieven (AU, former founder and CEO Direction First). The departing partners remain shareholders as non-executive partners and thus as firm supporters of the company.

“As former legacy business founders/owners in our acquisition growth journey, Henk, Quen and Erica were fellow community pioneers in our industry. By joining forces over the past 5 years, we’ve been fortunate to not only experience their individual greatness and commitment, but also the greatness of the people they brought along this exciting ride. A great thank you for setting the example and paving the way. You will be missed!”, concludes De Wulf.

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