Refreshing perspectives: supporting the launch of a unisex aperitif for Pernod Ricard

By combining quantitative evaluation with qualitative exploration, we tested the potential of a new unisex aperitif for Ramazzotti, part of Pernod Ricard.

Three people with drinks in their hands, smiling at eachother
Three people with drinks in their hands, smiling at eachother


How it started

In 2022 Pernod Ricard’s liqueur brand Ramazzotti wanted to launch a new product innovation in the aperitif category: Ramazzotti Fresco – a light and refreshing liqueur to be enjoyed on ice or mixed with tonic or soda water. While the aperitif category is often dominated by female-oriented drinks, Ramazzotti sought to position this new product as a unisex refreshment, appealing to all.

To prepare for the launch in the German market, Ramazzotti asked us to evaluate the potential of the concept and design approaches through consumer research.


How we inspired change

To evaluate Ramazzotti Fresco’s potential in the German market, we combined individual quantitative evaluation with qualitative exploration:

  • Quant evaluation: 150 people – equally distributed across four main German cities – evaluated the stimulus material (i.e. concept, packaging routes and logo) via an online survey. We discussed the results with the Ramazzotti team to identifiy key points for further exploration.
  • Qual exploration: taking the online survey, we selected 24 respondents and organised four online focus groups with six participants in each . In these moderated sessions, people discussed the stimulus in depth as well as possible improvements.


How it lives on

The mixed method approach allowed us to formulate actionable recommendations on how to maximise shelf impact, what ingredients to stress in communication and how to create a unique drinking experience.

In Spring 2022, Ramazotti Fresco was launched in the German market.


Ramazzotti Fresco_Campaign visual

“The launch for Ramazzotti Aperitivo Fresco in May 2022 has been a great success for Pernod Ricard. We were awarded #1 spirits innovation in 2022 by NielsenIQ, won the Bronze Product of the Year 2023 and 1st place in HIT 2023 by Lebensmittel Praxis. This shows a high level of relevance, acceptance and popularity of our new product both for consumers and the trade.”

Clémence Kurtz
Head of Brand Management Around Meals – Pernod Ricard Deutschland

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