Community empowers CX evangelist program and ongoing journey mapping for AIA

AIA use their ongoing customer community as a springboard for building customer journey mapping skills within the organization.

Woman on the phone working at a desk
Woman on the phone working at a desk


How it started

AIA is the largest publicly listed insurer in Asia. But beyond the numbers, more important is their stated commitment to be a ‘Partner’ to customers.

In 2018, AIA Singapore launched the AIA360 community to ensure customers have a voice in the boardroom. Since its launch, AIA360 has been used to launch a wide range of customer driven initiatives, including AIA Power Critical Cover, AIA Vitality, My AIA APP, and AIA Retirement Saver. But AIA wanted to do more to embed customer centricity at the heart of the business.

So, in 2019, they launched the CX Evangelist initiative, which involved selecting knowledgeable customer facing staff who were passionate to drive customer experience in the organization. The idea was that the selected CX evangelists would use their insurance experience to drive customer journey mapping (CJM).


How we inspired change

Together with the full support of the AIA regional head office, we designed a CJM Training Course, launched in November 2019.

This was supported by a CJM Playbook to help guide the Evangelists and an organization-wide alignment behind CJM software, UXPressia. The tool allows to build journey maps and personas collaboratively with a team and collect feedback in real time.

The Claims Journey was the focus of one of our first CJMs. The CX Evangelists co-designed an agile and iterative research process. This included in-depth interviews and surveys on AIA360. Armed with customer insights, we organized a CJM workshop with the CX Evangelists to map the Claims Journey.


How it lives on

100% of the Evangelists who attended our training were passionate about applying customer-centric principles and were interested in using CJM in their next projects. 92% of the attendees agreed they had a good understanding of CJM as a result.

From the resulting CJM, we saw that ‘Pre-Authorization’ was a critical pain-point for customers. Building on these customer insights, AIA launched the new ‘Pre-Authorization’ process that same year.

Human8 has since been supporting on CJM for the other parts of the journey. Ultimately, the customer journey revolution isn’t just a project… it’s more of a ‘mindset’.


“I liked mapping the journey from the client’s point of view, especially using a case study which most participants can relate with. I enjoyed the process.”

AIA CX Evangelist

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