How an ongoing insight community provides insurer AIA with a holistic customer view

A continuous dialogue with 3,000 of their customers is enabling AIA to adapt their offering and solutions to their customers’ needs.

Woman and child holding hands and smiling
Woman and child holding hands and smiling


How it started

Asian insurance company AIA recognises the need to have a full 360° view of their customers, to allow faster and better generation of insights that will help them design better product offerings and solutions.


How we inspired change

Launched in March 2018, the AIA360 community in Singapore allows AIA to engage with 3,000 of their customers via an online insight community, enabling the insurer to craft product offerings and solutions that are relevant amid a dynamic customer landscape.

Discussions with customers on the topics of health, retirement and digital experience are paving the way for the AIA team to develop solutions that help them address pain points and concerns experienced by customers.


How it lives on

Taking it to the next level, the team has embarked on a full customer journey mapping exercise, leveraging the power of the community to capture ‘in the moment’ experiences. This allowed them to have a full view of the experience per touchpoint and per customer segment.

The community now is AIA’s most reliable instrument for fostering a dynamic exchange with their customers, allowing them to uncover deep-seated truths about their segments.



“Customers are at the heart of everything we do at AIA Singapore, so it is crucial for us to deepen our engagement with our them. Deep insights from AIA360 have enabled us to launch revolutionary segment-targeted solutions that are aligned with our customer’s real needs – from empowering our AIA Financial Services Consultants/ Insurance Representations with a comprehensive suite of products and tools, to providing our customers with high-quality financial advice.”

Chief Distribution Officer, AIA Singapore

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