Co-creating memorable customer experiences for Cathay Pacific

To truly connect with their valued passengers and enhance their exceptional customer service, Cathay Pacific introduced ‘Cathay Lab,’ a vibrant online community.

Young woman with smartphone in hand travelling
Young woman with smartphone in hand travelling


How it started

Hong Kong airline company Cathay Pacific wanted to keep the finger on the pulse of its consumers to understand how they could reach those levels of service and customer experience that place them amongst the world’s greatest service brands.


How we inspired change

Since 2012, some 10,000 customers globally have been invited to join the brand’s online consumer community, ‘Cathay Lab’. Every week, they participate in a wide variety of online and offline activities to help improve and design all aspects of the customer experience.

The members have collaborated on the design of products such as lounges, seats, food, entertainment systems and tactical marketing, but also on major strategic rebranding programs (from concept to advertisement). They have also given their input on the digital transformation at all the stages of website and app design UX testing.

And as the brand changed and evolved over time, so has the community. What started as ‘Cathay Pacific Insights’ rebranded into ‘Cathay Lab’ with a fresh look that reflects the premium lifestyle brand Cathay Pacific is today.


Cathay Lab over time


How it lives on

The online community is now a well-established ‘mainstream’ business tool at Cathay Pacific, adding the voice of the customer to a variety of experience, innovation and marketing problems. Alongside voice-of-customer tracking, it provides a place for stakeholders across the business to experiment with customers. As well as providing flexible insights across the customer journey, it has also increased the speed of customer learning (now days, not months), and cut the cost of research by 30 to 50%.


“2019 was a challenging year for Cathay Pacific and for the people of Hong Kong. Luckily, I have the best team and great partners. We continue to grow our online community of co-creators with Human8, to get closer to our customers than ever before.”

Walter Li
Head of Hong Kong International Airport, Cathay Pacific

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