B2B consumer trends tracker leads to surprising insights for Südzucker

Südzucker gained valuable insights into the European consumption behaviour and trends of processed goods containing sugar, which helped the brand to refine its sales strategy.

Hands taking doughnuts from a tray
Hands taking doughnuts from a tray


How it started

In the traditional sugar segment, Südzucker AG is Europe’s largest supplier of sugar products. Südzucker operates in two business models: B2C and B2B. In order to develop strong relationships with B2B customers, Südzucker aims to find and leverage today’s and tomorrow’s consumer needs. Südzucker is therefore interested in having access to refreshing consumer insights that can serve as conversation starter. Südzucker is particularly interested in the attitudes of young consumers (Gen Z), sustainability topics and conscious consumption.


How we inspired change

We created and managed a B2B Consumer Trends Tracker on consumption and trends for processed goods that are related to Südzucker’s products & solutions: chocolate, baked goods, cereals, dairy products & soft drinks. Besides the consumption of processed goods and attitudes towards sugar, the survey also studies consumers’ points of view on sustainability and the implications for consumption.

A quantitative online survey with n=1,000 participants per market was set up in the following countries: Belgium, Poland, France, Germany, UK and for the first time in 2024 also in Italy. This resulted in a zero-measurement of these consumer trends during the first wave in 2021. In 2024, based on a fourth wave of the tracker, developments in markets and generations (Gens Z, Y and X & baby boomers) were analysed and embedded in the context of current market developments such as inflation and climate change.


How it lives on

The results are so insightful for the client, that they are published every year in a whitepaper by Südzucker last time in 2023, and now again in 2024. Additionally, the client publishes promotional articles and an insight abstract based on the results of the B2B Consumer Trends Tracker.



“The results help us to support B2B customers with actionable insights to jointly tackle market and consumer need developments and are a great conversation starter to an even better partnership.”

Kevin Schopp
Head of B2B Marketing Division Sugar, Südzucker AG

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