Humanifesting change

How does a belief in human centricity manifest change for leading brands?

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Lady with headset presenting
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Two sessions:

  • EMEA/APAC session
  • AMERICAS/EMEA session


Our virtual client conference brings together business leaders, brand experts and visionaries from around the world to share their efforts in creating value for people and business. This year’s event – Humanifesting change – delivers inspiring case studies and compelling stories with the power to transform.

‘Humanifesting change’ is not your typical consumer insight event. It’s a virtual celebration of change as told by Human8 clients worldwide. Experience first-hand the power of uniting brands with people, culture and context and be inspired by like-minded individuals and industry peers.

We have two 90-minute sessions packed with engaging stories and first-hand experiences featuring HSBC, Signify, GSK, Mars Snacking, L’Oréal, Polaris, Samsung, Haleon, Henkel and Hilton.


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EMEA/APAC session

Our agenda: get inspired

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Building a scalable community for HSBC’s global business and customers

🎤 Lydia Ozug

Head of Customer Community, HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking

It may seem obvious that an organization like HSBC would connect with customers around the world through research, but what’s not so obvious are the complexities involved to launch a globally consistent community. Hear from HSBC’s Head of Community for Wealth and Personal Banking, Lydia, on their early successes in launching their new communities across strategic markets this year. She will also discuss the hurdles they’ll overcome in scaling to more in the future to enable the organization to be truly customer and insight-led.

Beacon of lighting: Turning insights into actionable marketing strategy for Signify Taiwan

🎤 Monica Chen

Commercial Channel Leader- Consumer & Head of Marketing at Signify Taiwan

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) sought to sharpen their understanding of target audience triggers and barriers to better anticipate communication points across the customer journey for different lighting categories in Taiwan. Focus groups were conducted, with a debrief scheduled one week after Signify Taiwan’s annual marketing planning. The team aimed for an interactive session to activate insights and initiate the first steps towards an action plan. Monica will share why this interactive workshop – including persona drawing and roleplay sessions – has been invaluable in successfully activating the research results.

Living with moderate to severe asthma: Understanding the patient perspective for GSK

🎤 Waseem Ahmed

Director of Value Evidence and Outcomes for Respiratory Biologics at GSK

Over the past eighteen months, GSK has used an online community to gain deeper insights into the lives and needs of those living with Moderate to Severe Asthma. Waseem shares the numerous positive impacts the community has had, enabling the team to explore evolving themes and contributing to several successful publications.

How micro-moments unlock innovation platforms for Mars Snacking

🎤 Selma van ‘t Hul

Global Human Intelligence Leader – Chocolate Portfolio at Mars Snacking

With a mission to inspire moments of everyday happiness, Mars has embarked on a journey to enhance its portfolio with healthier options that cultivate physical, emotional, and social resilience. Instead of relying on typical occasion models, the team got inspired by the concept of micro-moments and design-thinking principles. Engaging in a multi-week collaboration with consumers in China, France, the UK and the US allowed Mars to solve the right thing before solving things right. Selma will share how this approach enabled the brand to develop innovations that resonate with consumers and drive business growth.

Unlocking growth: Strategic brand exploration for L’Oréal in the African beauty market

🎤 Julia Gichuri

Consumer and Market Intelligence Director Sub-Saharan Africa at L’Oréal

L’Oréal’s partnership with Human8 encompasses a collaborative and comprehensive approach towards unlocking future potential. Through a combination of market analysis, consumer insights and immersions, L’Oréal aims to cement its leadership in the market. Julia shares how great insights enable L’Oréal to build strong love brands in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Americas/EMEA session

Our agenda: get inspired


Launching a legend: How human understanding powered the positioning of the new Indian Scout

🎤 Lisa Kittleson

Consumer Insights Manager at Polaris Inc.

America’s first motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycle Company, stands out as a legendary brand, often perceived as untouchable. However, in a constantly evolving market and society, the brand must consistently invest in understanding human needs to surpass the expectations of the ever-changing rider community. Join Lisa as she delves into the human insights that drove the launch of one of Indian Motorcycle’s most iconic bikes.

Persona power: Leveraging attitudinal segmentation to unlock growth for Samsung

🎤 Jolene Preston

Sr. Manager Shopper Marketing, Insights at Samsung Electronics America

Exploring the underlying attitudes that shape shopper behaviours during crucial category drive periods is essential for achieving success and securing brand preference. Through segmentation research, we unpacked key signals and personas, empowering Samsung’s commercial teams to craft relevant marketing and go-to-market strategies. Jolene explains how this enables the brand to connect the right shopper with the right product at the right time.

From facts to purpose: How Haleon formed deeper connections with allergy sufferers

🎤 Olga Kornilova

Consumer Insights Lead, CH Global Categories at Haleon

A real-time digital approach combined with creative research techniques enabled Haleon to go beyond merely the ‘hard facts’ of living with allergies. Next to unveiling sufferers’ lived experiences, the team gained a profound understanding of their hopes, desires, needs and the true impact on their lives. This resulted in uncovering previously untapped and underserved audiences for innovation. Olga explains how these insights create a deeper sense of purpose for Haleon’s teams when thinking about product development, communication and manufacturing.

Igniting consumer centricity in an insights-led organization for Henkel

🎤 Nico Reichert

Head of CMI – Methods, Tools, Platforms at Henkel

With about 50,000 employees worldwide and the large number of categories and markets Henkel operates in, being insight-led is a challenge. Nico talks about ways to create a common understanding of what consumer centricity means, what an insight is and how Henkel develops insight-led solutions.

Hilton’s CALA Journey: Crafting inspired spaces

🎤 Talene Staab

Vice President, Brand Leader- Home2 Suites by Hilton

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, Hilton’s strategic partnership with Human8 zeroes in on the vibrant Central America and Latin America (CALA) region. As Hilton aims to redefine the stay experience, they’re not just keeping up—they’re leading the charge. Talene Staab, the driving force behind it all, shares how they blend global nuances, craft authentic spaces, and rely on the power of storytelling to inform decisions. It’s not just about ticking off destinations; it’s about making space for genuine human connections.

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