3 Trends in domestic appliances & household care 

Three emerging consumer needs for brands inside and outside the home to watch.  

A person ironing
A person ironing

Anita Janssen

10 March 2023

4 min read

We’re increasingly aware of, and impacted by, the challenges our world is facing today. Although large industries and politicians are often called upon to act, people also realize that starting small can also drive positive change. So, where better to start than in your own home?  

Successful brands in domestic appliance and household care understand how their products and communications must deliver against real and relevant human needs. Here are 3 consumer trends from our What Matters 2023 report that are a must watch in this space:  


Adaptive Essentials 

Some things are no longer obvious.
Living in a state of ‘permacrisis’, people want to ensure they have what they need to survive these hard times. People are trying to be more conscious in their purchase decisions to deal with the unexpected and live a high-quality life. 

The current financial and environmental crisis demands that brands demonstrate reliability, empathy and agility. What is truly essential or necessary in the products and services you offer, and how can your brand play a relevant role in a state of crisis? 

We Do Solar, a Berlin-based start-up that sells DIY solar panels that can be fitted to balconies or garages, recognises that solar power is a viable option for even the smallest of properties. We Do Solar is a smart balcony solar system that saves up to 25% on electricity bills – helping households to free up budget for other increasing living costs.  

We do Solar DIY solar panels

Miele and Loxone’s smart network  integrates washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers into a versatile smart network so that they start automatically using ‘home-grown’ electricity from a rooftop PV array. By using green electricity, customers can make their own contribution towards averting climate change and reducing energy costs. As a specialist in the field of building automation, Loxone even goes one step further and offers interconnected systems for greater convenience and security. 


Sensory Intensity  

As an antidote to digital, people are looking to experience the world in more dynamic sensory ways, using sound, smell, touch, and taste. They’re refocusing on the real 4D experience of life, beyond the flat 2D visual on screens. The challenge for domestic brands is how they can embody these multiple senses in and around the home.  

Philips Hue lighting systems nicely taps into this by helping people create the perfect setting for any occasion. Same room, completely different experience due to the lighting.

Another place in the home where brands are infusing ‘Sensory Intensity’ is the bathroom. From waterproof sound boxes and colourful lights in your shower head, to water-resistant screens,Keenray  provides towel dryers with a special aromatherapy design, providing customers with warm and fragranced towels. 


Social Health 

We are as intentional with our connections as we are with our diets. ​
People are increasingly thinking about well-being through a social lens. ​From whom we are friends with, to how we communicate in our relationships, we are understanding how social interactions impact our emotional, physical, and mental state.  

While nothing beats in-person connections, we also recognise the power of technology to help us feel less lonely. There’s an opportunity for domestic appliance and household brands to become guardians of social well-being. Aibo, the pet robot developed by Sony, is used in care homes where senior citizens can interact with them and feel a sense of connection. 


Aibo, the pet robot from Sony

Similarly, recently launched Bondee app recognises the need for youngsters to interact and hang out together, whilst being physically apart. The virtual plaza in the metaverse allows people to connect with up to 50 friends and experience all kinds of activities within the comfort of their homes. 


The challenge for domestic brands is great, the opportunities ample.
From recalibrating what we need to how and when we stay connected, what we want and expect from life and brands is shifting. This starts in our homes, where people are more intentional not only in their relationships and how they spend their money, but also in how they can lift their experiences. 

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