See the world through their eyes.

Our tools and techniques are designed to help you connect with and learn from the right people.

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Insight & Creation

Uncover what matters and craft meaningful solutions.


Our human-centric approaches and insight capabilities

  • Enable (real-time) collaboration with the right mix of people to grow empathy, holistic human understanding and allow co-creation.

  • Get close to your audiences using one-on-one video conversations with a focus on building empathy.

  • Engage a global network of creative change makers in ideation contests to explore what’s next for your brand .

  • Connect with a group of interesting and interested people using creative exercises and techniques to go beyond what people say and capture what they mean .

  • Unlock the power of true stories to ensure real depth and rich contextual and emotional data .

  • Observe people in their natural environment and immerse in their world, by capturing real situations and ‘moments-of-truth’ where and when they happen.    

  • Let expert semiotic and cultural analysts decode the contexts shaping your success (culture, category, competitors, brand) to help you recode for the future .

  • Just because data is big, doesn’t mean it’s useful. Channel interdisciplinary human enquiry and strategic insight to curate better data and deliver more actionable insights. 

  • More than numbers. Shorter and more engaging surveys, helping you uncover what truly matters to people. 

  • Increase your data-driven decision making. From data engineering to modelling, transform data into stories and action. 

Strategy & Activation

Take action, fuel change and transform your brand.

Our engagement and activation capabilities

  • Connect the dots, see patterns and form themes to drive organisational impact. 

  • Rethink the deliverable, increase engagement by bringing fresh perspective and sprinkling in thought starters on how to act .

  • Go beyond presentations and post-its by bringing in relevant artifacts, real time experimentations and quick turn iteration to drive impact. 

  • Escape your “day-to-day” to disrupt thinking, broaden your perspective and get inspired with possibilities for creating strategies people are excited about.   

  • Feeling like you’re not all working towards the same North Star? Purposefully sync up silos to unlock the collective power of teams. 

  • Success lies in the details and the people.  Translate your vision and strategies into actions and commitments .

  • Create original, user-friendly toolkits that empower people to do their job better and faster.

  • Increase the competence level of marketing and consumer insights professionals and inspire professionals to act more human-centric.

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