Brand tracking brings the Consumentenbond closer to delivering maximum value

The results of its monthly brand tracker empower the Consumentenbond to optimise its positioning, communication and membership structure – leading to maximum value for its consumers.

Young man in the supermarket holding his phone
Young man in the supermarket holding his phone


How it started

The Consumentenbond, an independent Dutch consumer association, is the trusted voice for consumers. They test thousands of products and services to help Dutch consumers make informed decisions and receive the benefits they’re entitled to.

To provide maximum value to consumers and grow its impact, the Consumentenbond needed a holistic view on the driving factors behind its image, product and service usage, and memberships. This would be used to effectively monitor and manage the brand’s strategic goals.


How we inspired change

We used a three-step approach:

  • KPI framework: We conducted quantitative research among current members and the general population in the Netherlands. Logistic regression analysis identified the relations between various KPIs, and their influence on the organization’s image, product and service usage, and memberships.
  • Brand tracker: A monthly brand tracker assessed the Consumentenbond’s performance on key KPIs that drive their success, with input from both current members and the general population. Quarterly reporting monitored their progress.
  • Activation sessions: Quarterly activation sessions were held with different client departments to translate the brand tracker findings into actionable results. By combining those results with internal data, the Consumentenbond devised relevant actions to provide maximum value to consumers.


How it lives on

The valuable insights from the tracker empowered the team to make compelling improvements:

  • Enhancing communication in newsletters and on the website by adopting a consumer-centric approach. The content now takes a human-centric perspective, focusing on the value for consumers, rather than just on products or services.
  • Refining product and service propositions to cater to individual needs, preferences, and criteria. Instead of simply showcasing the best coffee machine, the recommendations now align with personal requirements.
  • Crafting a new brand campaign aimed at engaging a younger audience. The brand tracker results guided the creative agency in terms of tone of voice, imagery, and the featured products and services in the video.
  • Engaging in ongoing discussions to ensure the membership structure remains future-proof for the brand’s evolving audience. The team is actively exploring ways to adapt and cater to the needs of the future consumer.


“Our collaboration with Human8 and the outcome of the KPI framework and brand tracker have helped us in identifying and acting on the factors that have the biggest impact on our goals. It has created an overall better insight into what matters most.”

Vanessa van der Vinden
Lead Customer Insights & Marketing Specialist, Consumentenbond

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