Designing meaningful insurance solutions through online communities

How an online insight community has become AXA Philippines’ ‘go-to’ channel for quick and agile customer feedback.

Person smiling at her phone
Person smiling at her phone

How it started

In a market where insurance has a penetration rate of below 5% and competition becomes more and more aggressive, AXA Philippines recognizes the need to differentiate and build strong relevance with the young and dynamic Filipino population.


How we inspired change

In 2017, we launched MyAXA Café, the first online insight community in the Philippine insurance industry. It was a two-way dialogue to inspire the development of new product innovation and validated customer service programs, highly relevant to its growing customer base.

Throughout the years, MyAXA Café has launched over 40 studies and has been the ‘go-to’ channel for quick and agile customer feedback, directing decision making across various teams within AXA Philippines. A similar community model was also launched for AXA Hong Kong in 2018.


MyAXA Café community


How it lives on

By engaging consumers through MyAXA Café, the brand could develop and implement relevant solutions that meet their consumers’ needs, and this across the entire journey. In one scenario, the community members helped prioritize features for a banking app. This guided AXA Philippines in launching an improved version of the initial app, resulting in 20% more usage and 142% more activations, and reduced customer inquiry calls by 42%.

‘MyAXA Cafe enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers, allowing us to create better products and solutions which elevate the overall AXA customer experience.’

Ysa Fernandez
Research and Insights Director

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