A better understanding of the customer journey accelerates DirectAsia’s sales conversion​

How usability interviews and intense workshopping helped DirectAsia to improve its online insurance portal.

Woman typing on her laptop
Woman typing on her laptop


How it started

Asian insurance company DirectAsia wanted to understand whether its online insurance portal suffered from any stall points. At the same time, the insurer wanted to develop a set of consumer mindsets to inform the future development of this portal, as well as define its key marketing messages.


How we inspired change

The Human8 research team recruited a mix of DirectAsia customers and potential customers in Singapore. Next, we conducted a series of usability interviews and workshops to create a detailed mapping of the customer journey and related experiences. Thereby, we explored expectations and perceptions of the DirectAsia value proposition and provided a benchmark of the market’s insurance sector in general. While the initial focus was on Singapore as a key market, this project later got replicated in Thailand.

DirectAsia_UX testing


How it lives on

As part of our approach, we took the DirectAsia team along on a discovery journey, including interaction, observation and various collaboration opportunities with the team between interview sessions. This allowed us to tailor the guide and iteratively develop the interviews to glean additional, broader insights, getting into the deeper aspects of the consumers’ psyche.

Potential stall points were adapted to small ‘nudges’, to encourage users to continue their journey. Moreover, the team could identify the core consumer issues, allowing DirectAsia to develop relevant marketing messages for future campaigns.


“The team demonstrated their expertise in a friendly and approachable manner. They recruited well, key for our brief, and the user sessions were run collaboratively with us suggesting changes as we went. (…) We’ll continue to use the excellent mindset personas they developed to guide our future thinking.”

Ronnie Brown
Chief Marketing & Distribution Officer, DirectAsia

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