In the driver’s seat to optimise the path to purchase for pre-owned vehicles

Connecting with its users via an online consumer community helped Gumtree identify pain points and growth opportunities for the path to purchase.

Woman holding car key
Woman holding car key

How it started

Gumtree, the eBay-owned classified advertisement and community website, noticed a healthy adoption of its products and services, but still saw room for growth within the automotive segment. Therefore, the brand wanted to connect with its consumers to better understand those potential growth opportunities.


How we inspired change

Via an online consumer community we connected Gumtree to users that were in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. Based on their input, we created a detailed view on the second-hand-car purchasing journey, highlighting the consumers’ moments of truth.

The analysis of the journey did not only flesh out the moments when the Gumtree experience was satisfying, it also highlighted where key jobs to-be-done were not fulfilled by Gumtree. This gave direction for developing new features.


How it lives on

We identified, amongst others, two main pain points that were relevant for most customers:

  1. The end users aren’t necessarily feeling confident and well-informed about what kind of vehicle they need to adequately address their needs
  2. Once a purchaser connects with a seller, they need to move away from Gumtree’s trusted platform to negotiate with a stranger

Gumtree remedied these concerns by adding a layer of security, support and transparency – taking the uncertainty out of the transaction.


“Gumtree users will help to get smart and relevant insights in an agile way, enabling us to make impactful choices, adjust to contextual change, and get to the future first.”


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