Involving consumers in developing and rolling out a new energy management app

With the help of a structural app-testers community, ENGIE created an app tailored to the newly introduced digital energy meter giving consumers full insight into their energy consumption.

Man looking at his smartphone next to laptop
Man looking at his smartphone next to laptop


How it started

ENGIE was looking for an efficient way to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer opinions during the development and further optimisation of their app. The idea was to give consumers full insight into their energy consumption via the newly installed digital meters. Together with the Energy Insights team at ENGIE, we set up an app-testers community as a Do-It-Together (DIT) solution.


How we inspired change

In partnership with ENGIE, we activated a group of 250 app testers on The Energy Lab, ENGIE’s always-on insight community. A dedicated team of five members of the Energy Insights team were in the driving seat of this project. All of them received training (for both qualitative and quantitative research set-up and analysis), empowering them to conduct their own research on the app they were in the process of developing.

By using a beta version of the app, consumers were able to use and test the app live. This helped ENGIE to better understand user’s experiences and opinions, uncovering potential usability issues or bugs, and further optimise the app and evaluate its potential impact.


Engie Smart app


How it lives on

After a year of ongoing research with app-testers, ENGIE has an optimised app, used by more than 100K customers, that allows clients with a digital meter to:

  1. Track their hourly, daily, monthly and annual consumption in euros and kWh
  2. Know exactly how high their monthly peak is
  3. Gain year-round insight into their energy bill
  4. Adjust their monthly advance payments in the app




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