Always-on online community leads to consumer centric-insights for ENGIE​

Since 2020 ENGIE has launched over 50 studies on their online insight community, which has been embraced as an agile tool to align their offering with customer needs​.

Woman changing a lightbulb that's switched on
Woman changing a lightbulb that's switched on


How it started

ENGIE is the Belgian market leader in sales of electricity, natural gas and energy services. They wanted to set up a structural collaboration to understand and listen to their (potential) customers in order to shape their growth plans for the coming years and reach their objectives.


How we inspired change

We created an ‘always-on’ online community, The Energy Lab, where we collaborate with 1500 Belgian consumers (ENGIE clients and non-clients, with a variety in energy management and innovation profiles). 

On The Energy Lab, we run monthly activities, including both qualitative and quantitative research, to serve various departments within ENGIE. The consumer input aids in developing new propositions, evaluating and enhancing campaigns, optimizing customer experience and more.

ENGIE_The Energy Lab


How it lives on

The collaboration resulted in a sustainable partnership between the insights team at ENGIE and internal departments, with more than 50 internal stakeholders onboarded on the platform. 

Today, the EnergyLab is an agile tool that lives within ENGIE and that various departments call upon to better align their products and services with customer needs.

“A fantastic tool that allows, in a short time, to better understand the ‘why’ of the customer, and therefore serves as a basis for stories that respond even better to their problems, whether rational or emotional. The voice of the customer is also clearly and dynamically rendered by the Human8 teams!” ​

Internal stakeholder at Engie​

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