Engaging the senses to leave a lasting impression: experiential learning


Tired of passive PowerPoint presentations? Discover here how we champion active learning, fostering direct engagement and alignment with people’s needs.

Person in knees with soil in their hands
Person in knees with soil in their hands

Matthew Jorgenson

07 March 2024

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In the realm of business, passive presentations often overshadow the potential of active learning. While the benefits of active engagement have long been recognised, the tendency to resort to one-sided lectures persists, particularly in fields like consumer insights and market research. At Human8, we strive to disrupt this by prioritising experiential learning, where people can immerse themselves in knowledge.


Going beyond PowerPoint with a regenerative experience in Sydney

Recently, we had the opportunity to bring this to life at a client event in Sydney, where we unveiled our What Matters 2024 report. Rather than relying on presentations to introduce the trends, we transformed the experience by transporting our clients to a regenerative urban farm, Pocket City Farms. Here, amidst the fresh air and greenery, they could witness firsthand the integration of regenerative agriculture, permaculture and social enterprise in an urban setting. This wasn’t just about observation; it was about interaction. We curated exhibits that allowed participants to touch and feel the essence of the insights presented in our report.

Remarkably, the entire session unfolded without PowerPoint. To illustrate our approach, consider the trend ‘Flip the script’, which is all about challenging dominant norms and labels. We asked people to literally flip over cards: one side displayed past ‘accepted’ norms, while the other side depicted their evolution and the reasoning behind it. In another activity, people were asked to ‘air their dirty laundry’ by writing regenerative confessions on one side of a cut-out and on the other side writing a commitment of what they will do to improve. These confessions were written on dissolvable detergent sheets, symbolizing a cleansing process.



From presentations to experiences

Beyond this event, our commitment to experiential learning extends to various client projects. For instance, we conceptualised ‘Empathy Boxes’ tailored for a client in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) space. These boxes contain snippets of consumer stories and symbolic items, offering a tangible connection to the consumer journey that we had examined through the research. For Mondelēz, then, we partnered with guest speakers, taking our client team on a journey into mindfulness and mental well-being that centred around insights within the snacking space. We’ve also facilitated consumer connect sessions, allowing senior leaders to engage directly with consumers, fostering meaningful discussions and bringing the insights to life more than is possible via a written verbatim on a slide. For Haleon, the world leader in consumer health, for instance, we set up a Consumer Connect Program, directly connecting internal R&D and innovation stakeholders with consumers. This allows for teams to build empathy, capture consumer stories and provide insight springboards for future ideations.

Our approach stems from the understanding that memorable insights are born from authentic experiences. By cultivating a deep understanding of the people that brands serve, we empower businesses to align their products and services with consumer needs, laddering to commercial success.


At Human8, we are committed to leading a shift towards active learning with less reliance on written reports to help spur action and drive positive change for people, business and planet. Join us in redefining the future of human insights!


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