Lady talks that matter: getting close to female health needs


Through 40,000 conversations in the online Women’s Consulting community, Mithra improved its positioning as female healthcare specialist.

Group of smiling women
Group of smiling women


How it works

Mithra, a Belgian pharmaceutical company, wanted to position itself as a true female healthcare specialist. To do so, they needed to better understand what women experience in different life stages and what support they need in their day-to-day life.


How we inspired change

Over 800 women across four markets (Brazil, Belgium, Germany and France), aged 16 to 68, were invited to join the ‘Women’s Consulting community’, an online closed community providing a range of qualitative and quantitative tools to unfold women’s habits and needs.

Several topics were addressed, such as their daily health routines and healthy aging, but also more sensitive issues such as sexuality, contraception, vaginal health, the impact of female cancers and menopause. The members were invited to review several of Mithra’s propositions and further fine-tune them, to better address women’s needs.


How it lives on

The Women’s Consulting Square resulted in a high involvement of women on the community, collecting more than 40,000 on-topic conversations about women’s health routines and requirements as well as their personal experiences with several female health treatments and solutions. Furthermore, 94 video testimonials and more than 1,500 pictures helped us to fully immerse into the women’s lives.

This rich, in-depth input allowed us to derive international comparative insights and formulate actionable recommendations. These helped tackle women’s hopes and fears in relation to healthcare professionals and women’s expectations towards the pharmaceutical sector in general, and towards Mithra in particular.


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