How consumer evaluations helped Kérastase successfully launch its curl manifesto campaign

Kérastase had a spectacular year of growth in 2021, driven by the success of the new Curl Manifesto range, the ultimate professional care for all curls and coils.

Woman touching curls
Woman touching curls


How it started

To prepare the launch of its new Curl Manifesto range, the Kérastase team wanted to gather feedback on the relevance of the franchise and each of its SKUs. Their target group: women with all types of curls and coils in France and the USA. Furthermore, they wanted to optimise the TVC of the launch campaign, by collaborating with consumers during the early stages of the creative development. The main objective was to ensure the tone of voice was genuine and empowering for women of all ethnic backgrounds.


How we inspired change

We tapped into L’Oréal’s structural online research community, VisionHair. Set up in 2018 for the brand’s Professional Products division, this community gathers members from France and the USA, and works cross-brands. 40 consumers per market first shared what language they use to talk about their curls and coils, before evaluating the relevance of the range and individual SKUs. With this feedback, Kérastase developed a script and storyboard that we presented to consumers on the community, to evaluate their identification with the message, tone of voice, imagery and range. As a final step, consumers shared their thoughts and feelings upon viewing the TVC animatic using our video scene commenting tool.


How it lives on

The consumer feedback enabled Kérastase to optimise the tone of voice for its ‘Manifest Your Greatness’ campaign, and successfully launch Curl Manifesto. This sets the brand at the forefront of the L’Oréal Group’s worldwide initiative toward inclusive luxury hair care for women with all hair textures.


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