Skin-deep understanding of Gen Z fuels effective brand communications

Connecting with leading-edge consumers helped beauty brand Vichy to truly understand the key values and characteristics of Gen Z and reconnect with them as a target audience.

Young woman cleaning face
Young woman cleaning face


How it started

As skincare is a fast-moving category, brands must connect with consumers to stay relevant and ahead of the game. Vichy wanted to dig deep into who Gen Z is and what their expectations are. Given that many of them struggle with acne, pimples, and breakouts, gaining deep insights into this generation is essential for the leading beauty brand to develop communication that aligns with Gen Z’s key values and characteristics.


How we inspired change

We conducted in-depth interviews with six leading-edge consumers from our Illume network, who were based in the US and China. We’ve probed on Gen Z’s needs, wants and expectations in the acne, pimples and breakouts space. Following these insightful interviews, participants engaged in a creative task: crafting mood boards showcasing their favourite Gen Z brand campaigns and beauty products. Analysing the combined input from the Illumes helped us identify future communication opportunity areas, ensuring relevance and appropriateness for Gen Z’s evolving values and attitudes.


How it lives on

Through this collaboration with leading-edge Illume guides, Vichy successfully reconnected with Gen Z, gaining a deep understanding of this unique audience. This empowered Vichy to fine-tune its communication strategy, ensuring it resonates effectively with the nuances of Gen Z, tailored to the brand’s specific product ranges.



“We got great insights from leading-edge consumers to be even more relevant in our Gen Z approach!”

Aude Lallemand
CMI Manager Vichy, Sanoflore, Decléor, L’Oréal

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