Small business insight pays out in SurePayroll’s brand revitalisation  

Research among hard-to-find small business customer segments, in-depth competitive and industry assessments, and sharp strategic thinking led to a successful rebrand.

Woman typing on laptop
Woman typing on laptop


How it started

SurePayroll has a 22-year long history of being an innovative leader in the online payroll space. In the last few years, the market has become increasingly crowded with new companies entering the space and touting similar benefits. They wanted to reimagine their value proposition and associated positioning to evolve and elevate its marketplace presence.


How we inspired change

Human understanding: We leveraged insights across multiple dimensions and augmented the research plan with internal assessments, industry analysis, market sizing, and inspiration from brands across different verticals with winning strategies. Focusing on their three key customer targets allowed us to immerse ourselves in the mindset, needs, and lives of small business customers, illuminating white space opportunities, table stakes in the category, and gaps in delivery.

Growth strategy: Our research and brand strategy experts analysed and synthesised the insights, identifying key emotional territories the brand could own, and developed positioning concepts that were tested and optimised through additional research.

Experience improvement: Since the brand revitalisation would affect key stakeholders companywide, we, along with the SurePayroll core team, engaged them throughout the process. Once the research was completed and we finalised the strategic recommendations and positioning, the findings and Brand Playbook were presented in a series of executive-level sessions. Finally, we developed a creative brief with the new positioning strategy, handing it off to the advertising agency for the next phase of work.


How it lives on

SurePayroll is now developing a new visual identity, advertising campaign, and employee engagement initiative to relaunch the new brand.


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