Agile online community solution to fast-track Arnott’s innovation pipeline

Via our online insight community, Arnott’s approached its research in an iterative and agile way, resulting in better insights and an accelerated business growth.

A young woman and her child holding cookies in front of their eyes
A young woman and her child holding cookies in front of their eyes


How it started

The team at Arnott’s, Australia’s largest biscuit manufacturer, was looking for an agile yet strategic solution to help them fill their innovation funnel. Their goal was to learn and develop products via constant feedback loops from consumers in an iterative and agile way.



How we inspired change

Together with Arnott’s, we set up a 12-month structural online research community , to enable the team to test, adapt and learn. We activated over 800 participants with a general snack-eating profile, for a range of research activities (from templated concept screens to rigorous quant studies to validate) and for qualitative deep-dives, to understand the ‘why’ and provide input for strategic brand challenges.


How it lives on

Throughout the long-term online community, Arnott’s tested and iterated product ideas like never before. Our standardized quant approach with automated dashboard reporting allowed for overnight turn-arounds with results in less than 24 hours, which were then fed back to the team for next-stage idea development. Meanwhile, we also tapped into the research community to carry out strategic deep-dives when required.


“It is amazing what we hear and uncover in our community – it is not just a new way of conducting existing types of research, but an incredibly powerful tool for getting closer to consumers and have an open/ongoing conversation with them. It is focused, fast and extremely flexible, and it has definitely changed the way we approach research, enabling us to gain better insights that inspire and accelerate business growth.”

Ruth Sandoval
Consumer Insight Manager, Arnott’s Group

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