Great insight, now what?!

You probably know why insight activation is important, but do you know how to get it right?

A person looking to the right.
A person looking to the right.

Activation lives on a spectrum, from bringing insights to life through ad-hoc initiatives, to navigating organisation-wide change efforts. The challenge is two-fold: understanding what to do and when to adopt the right solution based on your needs.


Understanding the activation spectrum

There are five ‘phases’ on the activation spectrum – note that we are deliberately talking about phases here because there are no clear gaps from one to the next. Instead, the spectrum can be treated as a journey, with an organisation starting at any point and gliding through into new phases over time. The key to success is knowing where to start and when to move on.

Activation timeline

1. Captivating your audience

Here our goal is to bring insights to life and inspire stakeholders, and spark first actions. This can be done by using different techniques to make reports, presentations, or workshops more engaging and interactive. Think for example about video content, short quizzes, but also infographics or newsletters.


2. Crafting your plan

With the goal of bridging insights and strategy, we need to go beyond recommendations and create a tailored actions plan. Taking a multi-layered approach, we combine what consumers want, where the market is going and what your business priorities are, to identify opportunities and strategies that align with your growth goals. So, whether you’re preparing for a meeting, setting priorities, or feeding into existing plans, we’ll simplify complexity and customise the narrative to guide you to what truly matters.


3. Commercialising your insights

To align on the path forward, we work together with the collective genius. This is the tipping point between initiative-specific and organisation-wide activation and therefore requires a level of commitment by all involved. We’re aiming to build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be, and therefore we evaluate your existing efforts and identify gaps and weaknesses. The use of playbooks helps put change plans into place by ensuring that you are aligned internally, so that you can succeed externally.


4. Empowering your employees

We want to create a movement, so we need to unleash the human spirit! A mandate won’t do here, we need an intentional plan that ensures alignment on vision, goals and strategies is one that is coordinated, clear and actionable. With a clear vision in place, we can deploy an internal network of champions to drive forward strategies by serving as change agents. Developing a comprehensive success plan and associated metrics guide this process, ensure adoption and aid accountability.


5. Transforming your business

How do we make change that sticks? Step one is building a human-centric vision to guide employees from understanding to advocacy. This is a craft in itself. We’ll encourage you to decide what matters to your organisation, act upon and sustain it. Success lies in the details of how your people and business operate, so policies, procedures, structures and rewards all help to reinforce the vision. Of course, lasting change happens when you listen, learn and improve.


From diagnosis to deployment

From bringing insights to life, to navigating internal change, activation can be the critical factor determining failure or success. It is therefore worth investing the time to diagnose your activation needs before launching into costly or time-consuming activities. Activation is an experiential and collaborative effort, it’s about making purposeful connections and prioritising efforts. By diagnosing what your insight activation needs are according to the spectrum, you can build the momentum needed to produce results to be proud of.

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