Expanding into LatAm

Human8 partners with Provokers in Latin America

To further strengthen our global consumer collaboration capabilities, we’re excited to announce we’re entering an official partnership with Provokers, a strategic insight and consulting agency active across 7 Latin American markets. This partnership supports our global ambitions and facilitates Provokers to successfully bring communities to its clients.

Partnership with Provokers Latin America
Partnership with Provokers Latin America


With more than 650 million consumers, Latin America is gaining greater strategic importance for brands around the globe. Provokers has seven offices (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Uruguay), providing Human8 (previously InSites Consulting) with a broad access to the region for local and global clients.

“Our clients are increasingly global in scope; they are looking for a combination of scalable and consistent practices with local knowledge and servicing. In our buy-and-build strategy, we have focused on building a truly global footprint around a unified portfolio. So we are excited to have found such a perfect match with Provokers. Our shared vision on the future of market research, our strong focus on consultative services, and the complementarity in terms of geographies and services offered, form a strong foundation for this strategic partnership in Latin America.” says Kristof De Wulf, CEO at Human8.

We are pioneers in online insight communities and have over a decade of experience in the field. We also combine our proprietary insight community platform, our Global Community Moderator Network of +150 professional moderators and our award-winning approach to marketing research. Via this partnership, Provokers can benefit from our community expertise and award-winning innovative approach; this will help them optimally service its clients on the Latin American market.

“We are proud to step into this partnership with Human8. Because, together, we’ll ‘provoke’ a difference for our clients. Also, it’s a privilege to rely on Human8’s pioneering technology and expertise; and at the same time we bring a wealth of Latin American market knowledge to the equation. It’s energizing to see and feel our synergies. And we believe this partnership to be a steppingstone towards a successful, even more integrated future for our combined agencies.” says Alexandre Catelan, CEO at Provokers.

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