What Matters in Travel & Tourism

Tuesday, 23 May

11.00am – 12.00pm CEST

Virtual (Zoom)

People smiling and looking at the camera
People smiling and looking at the camera

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You can either download the full ‘What Matters to people in 2023‘ report that highlights European examples, or contact us for more information on Europe.


Following the last few years of disruption, how confident are you that you know what matters to travelers and tourists in 2023? 

With the year set to be one of transition – a time when people will seek more meaning in their lives – it’s important to understand what consumers expect from brands. People are ready to create the future they want to live in and are looking for brands to facilitate the transition to new ways of thinking, living and being. 

If you want to help them, make a reservation to join us on Tuesday 23rd May for an adventure like no other! Your tour guides will navigate our latest global report What Matters to People in 2023, showing you all the best sights, top tips and expert analysis along the way.  

Join us on a voyage of discovery to uncover: 

  • Four drivers that underpin why people seek meaning in life. 
  • Key trends that allow people to create meaningful lives. 
  • Fearless brands in the travel and tourism industry that are already converting understanding into action. 
  • Future-focused research solutions to take trends forward in your organization.