Human8 appoints next generation of APAC leadership roles

Underscoring our commitment to excellence and position us for continued growth in the region, we’ve appointed Mark Alvarez as the new Head of Operations APAC and Daniel Teixeira as Senior Business Director Southeast Asia.


The newly appointed Head of Operations APAC will play an instrumental role in driving value and innovation for clients in the region.

Maz Amirahmadi, Managing Director APAC at Human8, says: “In his new role, Mark will play a pivotal part in ensuring we deliver value to our clients. Specifically, he will lead the development of our strategy to harness the benefits of AI for both our staff and clients. Mark’s track record of success since joining us to establish the Philippines operation in 2018 speaks volumes, and we have every confidence that he will continue to excel.

Mark Alvarez on his new role, “I’m excited to take on this new role and drive upskilling initiatives across our teams. Innovating our workflows with AI will be a game-changer to embrace challenges we face today and in the future with our clients.”

The new role for Daniel Teixeira as Senior Business Director Southeast Asia underscores his long-standing global track record of success leading teams from Ghent, London to Singapore since 2010.

Maz Amirahmadi says, “We are pleased to announce that Daniel will now lead all client teams in Southeast Asia. Since joining us in the APAC region in 2020, Daniel has earned the trust of both staff and clients. His commitment to delivering quality service to clients while fostering team members’ career growth is commendable. We are confident that Daniel will play a pivotal role in accelerating the upward momentum of our Southeast Asia business.”

Daniel Teixeira on his new role: “Leading the client teams across Southeast Asia allows us to strengthen collaboration and deepen our client relationships. Our Southeast Asia teams are poised for growth, and I’m thrilled to be part of this journey.”

With Mark Alvarez and Daniel Teixeira steering new APAC leadership roles at Human8, the agency continues to empower the next generation of leaders in shaping the business’ future.

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