Reinventing the future of insect control

How cultural analysis & foresight unlocked how P&G positioned the radical new insect control brand, Zevo

How it started

P&G Ventures had developed a break-through product formulation which offered a new benefit in the category – being toxic for bugs, but completely safe for humans and pets. But this posed a huge challenge : how could they reassure consumers that this product was both harmless AND effective? And how could this come to life as a brand?


How we inspired change

We created a programme of work in the US & China which took the team from foundational insight through to execution:

  • Cultural and semiotic analysis: to explore emerging expressions of ‘Effective & Harmless’ . This resulted in the development of 4 opportunity platforms that brought to life culturally relevant routes for how Zevo could position itself and communicate ‘Effective & Harmless’
  • Speculative strategy & foresight: to rapidly prototype more robust & resilient product solutions to fill the innovation funnel
  • Ongoing concept optimization and iterative consumer testing with consumers to arrive at the best possible articulation of the ‘effective and harmless’ brand benefit
  • Design insight & Creative Strategy to develop brand language, design cues and visual assets. We created the word ‘bio-selective’ to describe how the product worked, which was adopted and trademarked.


How it lives on

In the last 4 years, Zevo has grown by more than 100 times to be the fastest growing insect control brand in the US.

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